This error occurrs when you delet the default model source folder path. To correct this , please follow the instructions below.

1) Uninstall the library

2) After the uninstallation is complete, you’ll need to remove two hidden folders. The first will be “C:\Users\!USERNAME!\AppData\Roaming\Digimation” & the second will be “C:\ProgramData\Digimation”

3) Once those two folders are removed, reboot the system and reinstall the library.

4) You’ll need to reauthorize the library, and in the process you may get an error stating that you need to reset the serial number. The Authorize tab may state that the serial number has been used, inferring it is no longer valid. Simply continue & the library should work fine. If not, you will need generate a request code using the "Via Phone" tab and then send it to us so that we may create a new authorization code for you.

5) When you add the new path for the models, DO NOT delete the existing path; the program will ignore it and will pull the source files from your specified folder.